Fisker Waives Destination Charges In Desperate Attempt To Sell Off Remaining Oceans

Image: Fisker
Image: Fisker

It looks like if you’re interested in buying a Fisker Ocean, MSRP will be the price you pay. In a bid to clear out as many as they can, Fisker announced on May 13 that it’s waiving destination charges on leftover Ocean inventory.

Fisker still has a lot of 2023 Oceans left over, namely the Ocean Extreme – which now costs $37,499 — and the Ocean Ultra at $34,999. It looks like if you’re interested in buying one of these things you won’t have to worry about destination charges anymore. Price cuts have helped things along. The Ocean Sport received a huge price cut to just $24,995, down from $38,999 to help move out remaining inventory of Fisker’s lowest tier SUV. You’re out of luck if you were in the market for one though as it doesn’t seem as if anymore will be made.

Cutting those destination charges is also good as Fisker’s charges were one of, if not the highest in the industry. I get that they’re made by Magna International and have to be shipped from Austria, but $2,438 is not a small number to tack onto a vehicle price. Despite everything else Fisker is going through —broken customer cars, bad reviews, a finance department that doesn’t seem to know what it’s doing and a bankruptcy threat that’s always around — the company has a bit of good news.


The automaker also says it’s added more dealer partners so now New Jersey and New York buyers will be able to visit an actual dealership.

While this all makes the Ocean a tempting buy, we’d have to advise that if you’re interested, proceed with caution. Fisker may not like it, but the reality of the situation is that the company is not in a good position right now. Its Austrian arm, Fisker GmbH filed for bankruptcy earlier this month, Henrik Fisker himself has put his multi-million dollar Southern California mansion up for sale to raise cash.

And as I said earlier, Magna International, the company that currently makes the Ocean for Fisker, has assumed that they won’t be building anymore Oceans given the state of the company. This all means that unless some hero swoops in and injects the company with cash or buys them, you’ll be buying a vehicle that might have any kind of parts support down the road. So purchase one at your own peril.

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