'Fitter than Ever' Fernando Alonso Hints at His Future F1 Plans

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Fernando Alonso Offers Hints at His Future PlansMario Renzi - Formula 1 - Getty Images
  • Fernando Alonso says that he's in the best shape he's been in years and can't really think about retiring right now.

  • The 42-year-old veteran is already being rumored for one of several rides that are open in F1 for the 2025 season.

  • Alonso plans to give Aston Martin the first opportunity to re-sign him if he decides to continue in Formula 1.

Two-time Formula 1 champion Fernando Alonso says staying at Aston Martin remains his priority but does not want to rush into any decision over his future in Formula 1.

Alonso is among the litany of drivers out of contract at the end of 2024 and will be a player in the silly season that was sparked into life by Lewis Hamilton’s shock move to Ferrari from 2025.


Alonso, 42, is the oldest driver on the grid, and is the most experienced in Formula 1 history, with the Spaniard expected to start his 400th Grand Prix later this year. He enjoyed a renaissance in 2023 amid Aston Martin’s rise, enabling him to score eight podiums and finish fourth overall, his best placement since 2013, the year in which he claimed the most recent of his 33 Grands Prix.

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Fernando Alonso had his best F1 season in a decade with eight podiums in 2023.Vince Mignott/MB Media - Getty Images

“I think there are a couple of phases that I need to go through,” said Alonso at Aston Martin’s 2024 car launch. “First of all, I need to decide myself what I want to do for the future: if I want to commit my life, again, for a few more years to this sport, which I love. But I love driving, I've been driving different cars all over the winter: DTM, rally car, go-kart itself… So I love Formula 1, but generally I love driving. So if it's not Formula 1, I will find myself happy in any other form of motorsport, and maybe having more time for my private life, which is also very important at this age.

“I need to think, and I need to commit to a team, eventually, and make sure that I understand that the next few years of my life, it will be that team and 100% of my time. Once I make that decision, I want to sit with Aston Martin and say, ‘OK, I made this decision, and I would love to continue with this project.’ Because I think we did a good step forward in the last year, we built a lot of things together, we have this new facility here [at Silverstone], we have everything to succeed for the future, and I trust this project. So that will be my first priority when I say that I want to speak first with Aston Martin, because I feel part of this project very much.

“But if we cannot reach an agreement, and I want to commit to racing in Formula 1, I know that I have a privileged position. I'm probably attractive to other teams, the performance that they saw last year, the commitment. And as I said, there are only three world champions on the grid, and there is only one available.”

Should Alonso claim a victory this year then he would become Formula 1’s oldest winner since 1970, when Sir Jack Brabham triumphed at the age of 43.

Alonso emphasized that heading into 2024, he feels “fitter than ever” and has recorded the best numbers in his usual preseason fitness tests. He has evolved his training regime, added a nutritionist to his inner circle to adapt his diet, and says he will modify his travel schedule this year due to Formula 1’s arduous record-breaking 24-race schedule.

“A few years ago, I would say that maybe 42 or 41 (years old) was the limit,” said Alonso on his longevity. “Now, after I saw myself last year, motivated and performing well, I was thinking maybe that I can keep racing a few more years. Now this winter, I’ve been exceeding a little bit the expectations in terms of all the physical tests and everything that I did. So I would say that if you are motivated and if you want to commit, you can drive maybe until 48 or 49 or whatever, even 50.

“But, at the same time, you have to give up everything in life. Formula 1 needs total dedication. I gave my life for 24 years to this sport, which I’m happy, and I’m OK with that. I can keep doing it for a few more years, but I don’t know if I will be racing until 50, with such a demanding calendar and things like that. Not for the ability, but because there are other things in life that I’m curious.”

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Aston Martin team principal Mike Krack, left, says he would be happy to continue his racing relationship with Fernando Alonso into 2025 and beyond. Dan Istitene - Formula 1 - Getty Images

Aston Martin team principal Mike Krack reiterated that retaining Alonso for 2025 is the squad’s priority.

“We love Fernando, we have we have a very good relationship with Fernando, we have a relationship whereby he is an integral member of the team,” said Krack. “We have a relationship that is based on trust and openness. And we will be delighted honestly to continue with Fernando into ‘25 and the years after.”