Fleeing Blackout Camaro Driver Cries Like A Baby

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Fleeing Blackout Camaro Driver Cries Like A Baby
Fleeing Blackout Camaro Driver Cries Like A Baby

Other than this guy who’s dumb enough to try blacking out in a white Camaro, we don’t know who needs to hear the following message, so bear with us. If you run from the police at high speeds, especially in a state like Arkansas, you will most likely get pitted out.

Watch a kid act smug after police trash the car he was fleeing in.

Maybe some people don’t know what a PIT or a TVI is, so we’ll just put it in even plainer English: the police will hit and damage your car. Apparently, this genius in the Camaro didn’t realize that fact we just assumed everyone knew by now, so we has very, very angry with Arkansas State Police when a trooper pitted his Camaro.

Obviously, we’re not dealing with the sharpest stick in the bundle here. We’ve seen other individuals try blacking out in their light or brightly colored vehicles at night, making us wonder if they ingested too much paste as kids.


Blacking out only really works when you have a black or other dark colored car. It’s even more effective if you don’t keep hitting the brakes and is really great if you car has a matte finish. But we guarantee this isn’t the last time we see someone with a white car try this trick. It’s like watching a toddler throw a blanket over his head and laugh because he’s now “invisible.”

This guy tries to pull a little “move” acting like he’s going to exit the highway at one point, showing off his skills or lack thereof. After the lead trooper also shows off his skills and wrecks out attempting a PIT, the secondary car rolls up on the Camaro, almost PITs it, then runs into the driver’s side as the suspect pulls onto the shoulder.

After the trooper tells the suspect he almost killed the other trooper with his little move, the Camaro driver immediately plays victim and yells out “nah, he hit me, bro!” Hopefully he trots that defense out in court because the logical reasoning is rock solid.

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