Fleeing Dodge Charger Driver Outraged Police Pitted Him

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Fleeing Dodge Charger Driver Outraged Police Pitted Him
Fleeing Dodge Charger Driver Outraged Police Pitted Him

Apparently, some people aren’t clear on how things work in Arkansas. If you plan on running from police in that state, expect that at some point a trooper will get involved and end the pursuit both quickly and brutally. How people don’t know this by now is beyond us, but this guy in his V6 Dodge Charger apparently thought they would go light on him.

Watch an Arkansas trooper PIT a suspect right into a utility pole.

The trooper was sitting on the side of the highway monitoring traffic speeds when he spotted the Mopar whizzing down the road like a bat out of hell. Immediately he gave chase, turning on his lights and sirens. Instead of just pulling over and taking the ticket, the Charger driver instead took off.


Weaving through the slower traffic, the guy hit 130 mph. He faked getting off at an exit and pulled other tricks in an obvious attempt to get away. In other words, it’s not like he just didn’t notice a cop was on his tail.

Maybe he’s the last person on the planet to learn that Arkansas State Police lets its troopers PIT fleeing suspects at their own discretion? We guess it’s possible he had no idea, but he learns this fact fast. Right before the PIT, the guy was waving one finger out of the window – no, not that finger, his index finger for some weird reason.

After he got pitted, the guy was furious about the damage done to his beautiful, rare, totally collectable V6 Charger. Yes, these people exist in real life. They’re probably the same ones who believe a Nissan Versa will one day command a high price on the market.

But the best part is how his girlfriend sits in the passenger seat looking mildly amused while filming everything with her phone. Maybe she’s one of those cop auditors?

Image via LRHNCash/YouTube

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