Fleeing Motorcyclist Taken Out By Bystander In Truck

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Fleeing Motorcyclist Taken Out By Bystander In Truck
Fleeing Motorcyclist Taken Out By Bystander In Truck

If you really want to be stopped by police, or at least to test your skill at running from cops, ride around town on a motorcycle without a license plate. That will for sure attract the attention of law enforcement but you probably won’t like the consequences. This guy who was rolling around Texarkana, Arkansas sure didn’t when an unwitting bystander brought his short-lived pursuit to a shocking conclusion.

This motorcycle chase will have you on the edge of your seat.

Yes, people are still trying to run from Arkansas troopers for some weird reason. While those of us who don’t live within the state’s borders are fascinated by how adept ASP is at running down fleeing suspects, we guess there are enough delusional people in the state who still think they can get away.

At first he just keeps rolling like he doesn’t even notice the trooper going lights and sirens behind him for a few blocks. Without warning, the guy hunkers down presumably to make himself more aerodynamic, twists the throttle, and starts going freeway speeds on surface streets.


Even with these “fancy moves” which are pretty tame for an ASP chase, the trooper keeps up easily. That’s when the guy makes a fateful decision, veering into the light oncoming traffic as he really opens up that throttle.

Just as the coast is clear, a Chevy Silverado that’s ahead of the trooper suddenly turns left onto a side road. That driver turned on his signal but we guess the fleeing suspect didn’t see it. After all, the guy didn’t even hit the brakes, so he plowed into the front driver’s side fender at high speed.

And just like that, the chase was over.

This is just one of the many reasons we tell people not to run from police. No ticket is worth your life or the life of an innocent person. Driving recklessly at high speeds in oncoming traffic gives you little room for error. This man ended in the hospital in bad shape, almost lost his life, all because he wouldn’t pull over and take a citation.

Some have decided to blame this accident on the trooper. Others say it’s the fault of the suspect who ran. Watch the video and let us know who you think caused this crash and what the consequences should be.