Fleeing Motorist Tells Quite The Story

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Fleeing Motorist Tells Quite The Story
Fleeing Motorist Tells Quite The Story

We’ve heard from police some of the ridiculous stories they’ve been told by motorists pulled over for speeding. It seems a lot of people have hospitalized relatives or other crazy emergencies. But the story this guy tells after leading Arkansas State Police on a chase is a real whopper.

Woman gets pitted by police while rushing her mother to the hospital.

A trooper was running radar on passing cars while sitting on the side of I-40 when he clocked this guy in his black Honda Accord blasting by at 86 mph in a 60 zone. He’s far from the first to commit such an offense, which probably means a fat ticket and maybe traffic school.


Instead of pulling over and just accepting the consequences, this guy decides instead to make a run for it. But instead of going 150 mph while weaving through traffic, this guy exits the freeway, sits at a stop light, and goes at relatively slow speeds.

Probably thinking the guy didn’t see his lights, because some people sadly don’t check their rearview mirror ever, the trooper sounds his air horn and then puts on the siren. Instead of pulling over, the Accord speeds up and that’s when the chase is a little more Fast and Furious instead of so Driving Miss Daisy.

Then the Honda driver does a thing we see so much in police chases and puts on his blinkers. It’s like some people think turning those on means the cop can’t pull them over, PIT them, or whatever. In case anyone’s confused, flashers/emergency lights don’t make it so you can do whatever you want, including parking in fire lanes.

By far the most outrageous thing about this chase comes after the guy finally pulls over and gets arrested at gunpoint. He starts crying and rambling about how his wife is at a motel and having a seizure.

Why didn’t he call 911? Do ambulances not exist? Is this guy actually married? We have so many questions.

It turns out the guy had a suspended license and no liability insurance, but we’re sure hat had nothing to do with his refusing to pull over.

Image via Police Pursuits/YouTube

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