Fleeing Suspect Gets Pitted Into A Utility Pole

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Fleeing Suspect Gets Pitted Into A Utility Pole
Fleeing Suspect Gets Pitted Into A Utility Pole

People in Arkansas just keep running from troopers and we don’t get why. Unless they’re driving the infamous Blackout Charger or a modified BMW 550i, they’re likely not slipping away. In fact, like the suspect in this dashcam video, they might end up kissing a pole or maybe even a church at the end of the chase.

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As you’ll see in the footage, Arkansas State Police Trooper James Booth locked onto this Nissan crossover because it was traveling 83 in a 65 zone. That’s not completely awful, but most normal people pull over when they get caught speeding and just go to traffic school or fight it in court.


Instead, this person decides their grocery getter is in fact a racecar, trying to use its supposedly impressive performance to ditch Trooper Booth. It obviously didn’t work out so well.

The first sign this suspect should have paid attention to was the fact that even as he “dropped the hammer” in the crossover the trooper stayed on him like white on rice. Any illusion he had of his ride being fast should’ve gone out the window, at least if he were a reasonable person.

Instead, he swerves around on the highway, almost hitting other cars, all in a fruitless effort to ditch the trooper. When that doesn’t work, he tries exiting and bobbing around on surface streets, but he’s still unable to shake his pursuer.

Maybe this guy doesn’t watch ASP pursuit videos, like every other genius who decides to try smoking troopers. If he did, he would know this is the part where the trooper gets into position, then PITs him into the stratosphere.

Right after the trooper does that, we see sparks shooting from the power lines on the side of the road. Even after all that, the guy still wouldn’t comply to the trooper’s orders as he tried saving him from possibly getting electrocuted.

You mess with ASP, you will get pitted. It’s pretty simple.

Image via LRHNCash/YouTube