Flooded Corvair Brought Back From The Dead

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Watch a Hurricane Sandy survivor get the love it deserves…

We’ve repeatedly cautioned people throughout the years about not buying flood cars because of the myriad of problems they present. While in general it’s a good practice, there are certain classic or collectable vehicles where buying one with flood damage is worth the extra headache. That’s the case with this Chevy Corvair, although we expect some will disagree and argue it should’ve been left to rot, literally.

Watch vintage Chevy Corvair handling footage here.

If you are going to buy a flood damaged vehicle, we counsel you to do like these guys and get it for next to nothing. There are some less-than-honest YouTubers out there who have purchased famous vehicles in similar condition and made the restoration work look relatively simple, all in the quest to get lots of clicks and add to their subscriber base.

Instead, the guys on Will It Run provided a much more unvarnished look at the process. If you’ve ever dealt with restoring a flood-damaged vehicle that’s sat for years after it was at least partly underwater, you know it’s a messy, awful process full of all kinds of wonderful surprises. In other words, it’s nothing these pretty boy influencer YouTubers with their Ferraris, Lamborghinis and overly compliant airhead wife would portray accurately.


This Chevy Corvair is a survivor of Hurricane Sandy and does appropriately have a salvage title. However, as they tear into it the classic car isn’t nearly as bad as we had feared. That’s not to say it’s a relatively problem-free vehicle, because it has some issues that must be addressed. Still, it’s in good enough condition to put the time and effort into getting it running again.

Check out the video to see what all is needed to get this old Chevy Corvair running as cheaply and easily as possible.

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