Florida Bans Dogs Hanging Heads Out The Window

It may seem crazy, but it might just save your dog’s life.

Taking your dog for a drive can be one of the most fun experiences you can have with your dog. Those big floppy ears riding the wind and a long tongue wiggling around. It’s sort of quintessential to see a doggy poke his or her head out of the window and enjoy the breeze. However, a new Florida bill seeks to put an end to the fun shared by dogs across the state.

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Essentially, the new law has a lot to do with how a dog is secured inside a vehicle, and to be fair there are a lot of options. Instead of letting the dog run around inside the car, owners are expected to transport animals in crates or have a restraining harness. Interestingly enough, it seems that being held onto by a passenger is also good enough for safety in the eyes of the state.


It might seem frivolous but it’s honestly a very compassionate piece of legislation which would target a big problem for dogs. I remember driving around with my dog friend in my old truck and having him fall into the food or slam onto the dash at every stop. Could you even imagine how horrible a crash would be for any animal that wasn’t restrained? On top of that the presence of dogs usually creates a higher likelihood for crashes as they like to jump around the car a lot. Overall, it seems like dog owners all over the state of Florida should take this law, and its reasoning, into consideration next time they take their dogs out for a drive. We’ll leave the open window fun to the cat people.

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