Florida Drivers Discover Hard Truth About EVs: They Eat Tires

Image: Julian Stratenschulte (AP)
Image: Julian Stratenschulte (AP)

Tire companies have been trying to sell us on the concept of dedicated EV tires for a while. From tires that can handle the torque loads to ones that roll quieter for less road noise, there’s something for every EV buyer. But a recent story out of Florida in The Miami Herald details how EV owners there have been blindsided by how fast they’re having to change the tires on their EVs.

The Herald spoke with the owner of a shop that specializes in EV repair who told them just how often he’s seeing owners in for tire wear and replacement.

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What do tire companies have to say about all of this? They’re aware of the problem and are working on EV-specific solutions. Like Michelin who spoke to The Herald on what it’s up to:

Michelin suggests getting the Primacy tire for electric vehicles, which they say offers an up to 7% increase in range. Michelin also launched “Self seal” which would self-repair punctures and cut back on some weight by not needing to keep a spare wheel in the back.

Even with the fast wear that EVs have, owners love them. Semel says he and his wife love their EQS, even though it's eating tires. He just wishes tire companies would come up with something that wears less fast. “It honestly is a great car. It gets a lot of miles. And honestly, my wife pulls up she plugs it in and we’re done.”

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