Florida Man Ditches C8 Corvette

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Florida Man strikes again!

A photo of a C8 Corvette crashed into a ditch in Panama City, Florida recently surfaced on Facebook, causing quite the stir. Just about everyone rubbernecks when they see a crash, even if run-of-the-mill cars are involved. For gearheads, it’s even worse when something rare and desirable is involved. That combination makes for a lot of sharp, strong emotions.

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The photos, as you can clearly see, shows a red C8 Chevrolet Corvette on the shoulder of the road. Sadly, the sports car isn’t just sitting on the grass but has ended up in a partially-filled ditch. There’s water all over in Florida, so thankfully that ditch wasn’t fuller or a good portion of the tail end of the C8 would be submersed and the engine might be a goner.

photo credit: Facebook
photo credit: Facebook

From the looks of everything, the damage doesn’t appear to be too bad. After all, the engine should have been far enough from the water to prevent serious problems. There’s no visible body damage, either, although the chassis likely didn’t escape unscathed. Quite frankly, we’ve seen worse C8 Corvette carnage recently, so we know just how much worse it could be.


We don’t have any context for the photo, which seems to have been snapped by someone who was rubbernecking while driving past the scene. There’s no telling if this was the result of distracted driving, a brake check, medical episode, more power than skill, etc. Sure, a lot of people will add their expert analysis, but we simply don’t know what happened since there are no local reports we could find of the accident.

Anyway, there’s no telling if the insurance company will total the C8 Corvette or not. If so, the owner might opt to keep and repair it themselves, otherwise it could join the many others being auctioned off by Copart.

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