Florida Man Takes Stolen Car For Repairs, Steals Another Vehicle

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Florida Man Takes Stolen Car For Repairs, Steals Another Vehicle
Florida Man Takes Stolen Car For Repairs, Steals Another Vehicle

Only in Florida would a man take a stolen vehicle to a repair shop and while waiting for said repairs to be finished end up stealing another car at the shop. It’s a crime so bizarre it could only come out of the land of alligators and hurricanes. Or maybe California.

Florida man rams his SUV into a deputy’s home and starts shooting.

The Florida man in question, 34-year-old Wendell Thompson, allegedly stole a Cadillac Escalade that belongs to a family member, says Escambia County Sheriff’s Office. With family like that, you don’t even need enemies or neighborhood criminals.


He then apparently rammed it through a storage enclosure at the Hadji Shriners Temple and that’s why it was at the repair shop. We have so many questions about why he was at that location and ramming a storage enclosure, but the sheriff’s officer doesn’t explain any of that.

Perhaps realizing he still wanted to drive the Escalade but it needed repairs, he took it to a tire shop. Then while he was waiting for those repairs to be performed, he stole a Jeep.

This is a lesson in making poor life decisions. This guy allegedly just kept making poor decisions over and over. It’s like he doesn’t think about what happens next. But many people who are incarcerated are that way, or they don’t care at the time, but they sure care when they’re caught and have to face consequences.

Speaking of that, deputies were able to locate the stolen Jeep rapidly. Thompson tried fleeing, but deputies pitted the stolen vehicle.

Obviously caught, the guy decided to do the only reasonable thing and refuse to leave the Jeep. After all, cops can’t arrest you if you just stay inside the vehicle you stole.

But some “nearby citizens” jumped in helped drag the guy from the Jeep. You can see in his mugshot he has a pretty good, fresh-looking wound to his forehead, so that must’ve been quite the struggle.

Image via Escambia County Sheriff’s Office/Facebook

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