Florida Men Carjack C7 Corvette, Couldn’t Handle The Power

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Florida Men Carjack C7 Corvette, Couldn’t Handle The Power
Florida Men Carjack C7 Corvette, Couldn’t Handle The Power

Two Florida men are accused of carjacking a black C7 Corvette before leading police on a chase which was surprisingly underwhelming. It seems whichever of the two suspects needs some driving lessons.

The infamous Blackout Charger might have some competition.

Not everyone can handle driving a front-engine, rear-wheel-drive performance car, especially when so many people drive either slamming the accelerator or brake pedal down constantly. In this case it’s a good thing the suspects didn’t know how to handle the sports car, making it far easier for police to stop the pursuit without wrecking the Chevy.


According to the Volusia Sheriff’s Office, the victim was sitting in the C7 Corvette when the two suspects pulled up, pointed a gun at him, threatening to kill the victim. Then they pistol-whipped the man and pulled him out of the sports car before taking off in it.

An aerial unit spotted the C7 Corvette and started tracking its movements from above. That’s where the video comes in showing how these guys have the driving skills of a toddler in a Power Wheels. The ‘Vette’s back end gets loose and the driver just doesn’t know how to get the car going straight.

Finally, we assume out of frustration because the Chevy won’t drive right (it’s always the car’s fault) they pull off the road and one guy runs into the woods. But there are cops everywhere. One guy, probably realizing that, doesn’t even bother to run.

After arresting both suspects, deputies found the Glock with an extended magazine sitting in the driver’s seat. We don’t see in the video if a round is chambered or not, but pistol-whipping someone can cause serious, sometimes fatal, injuries.

Image via Volusia Sheriff’s Office/YouTube

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