Florida Motorcyclist With McLovin Fake Plate Runs From Cops

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Florida Motorcyclist With McLovin Fake Plate Runs From Cops
Florida Motorcyclist With McLovin Fake Plate Runs From Cops

There seems to be a recent uptick in people using vanity license plates purchased online on their vehicle, thinking the whole thing is just a hilarious joke. One of the most common is the “WILLRUN” vanity plate many younger muscle car owners use in places like California and Texas. A Florida motorcyclist got in on the action with a “MCLOVIN” plate which earned him some rough police treatment.

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In all honesty, the guy did more than display some joke tag instead of the real deal. Once a cop tried pulling him over, he allegedly pushed his bike to 110 mph in a 45 mph zone, turning a simple violation into a string of charges.


A state trooper was in pursuit the whole time, originally noticing the motorcycle on a freeway because it was speeding and weaving through traffic, says Fox 13. That’s when Jessie Rivera, the man on the motorcycle, took off and tried ditching the trooper.

After Rivera dropped the hammer and rocketed ahead, the trooper switched off his lights and siren, watching from behind as two more law enforcement officers from two additional agencies also tried to stop the fleeing motorcyclist.

Eventually, Rivera transitioned to two other freeways, then finally got off on surface streets. After the man stopped at a red light, he turned around and saw the trooper and tried to burn rubber out of there. But like a complete amateur, the guy slipped a gear, killed the engine, and desperately tried to get the bike going again as the trooper moved to block him.

Footage from the trooper’s cruiser shows him tackle Rivera off the motorcycle, keeping him from fleeing. That’s when the motorcycle toppled over onto both men, breaking Rivera’s foot. You can hear him in the video howling and yelling at the trooper, including regaling him for not putting his kickstand down for him. Why do so many people who run from police act like petulant toddlers once caught?

The lesson here is if you run from police and drive/ride recklessly, don’t expect to get treated with kid gloves once caught.

Image via Florida Highway Patrol