Florida Police Troll Guy Who Fled Illegal Street Race And Left His Phone

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Florida Police Troll Guy Who Fled Illegal Street Race And Left His Phone
Florida Police Troll Guy Who Fled Illegal Street Race And Left His Phone

We’re dying laughing after police in Hialeah, Florida used a guy’s phone he dropped while running from an illegal gathering as officers descended to troll him on social media. That’s right, it looks like Sergeant Miller took a cheesy selfie with the phone of Instagram user neighborhood_joee and posted it along with a message of where to surrender to police.

Watch a street racer run from police and wreck himself out.

This went down on the night of November 19. So far we don’t know if Mr. neighborhood_joee or should we say Joseph Hall has turned himself in to answer for his crimes. But we do know he has some sick, and by sick we mean they make us sick, wheels on his Dodge Charger Scat Pack.

There’s a debate about whether the 392 badge is the owner’s credit score or not. We don’t know if that’s true, but sure as hell can testify it’s not anywhere near their IQ. Dropping one’s unlocked phone or even worse a phone without a security lock while fleeing from an illegal street race event is just dumber than dumb.

But it gets even better. Mr. Hall has several videos portraying himself and others participating in other street races and assorted illegal or questionably legal events. We’re sure the police are very interested in those posts plus whatever is on the guy’s phone to which they appear to have full access.

We know this guy’s real name because he brilliantly linked his Instagram and Facebook accounts. According to the latter, Mr. Hall lives in Fort Lauderdale and is from Hollywood, Florida. He apparently went to Florida State University (go Noles!) and appears to love wearing ski masks/balaclavas as well as taking ill-advised shirtless selfies. Oh and ladies, in case you were wondering, he has his status set to single so you’re in luck!

Nobody ever accused street racers of being smart or particularly clever, especially the older guys who just keep doing it, but this really takes the cake. Mr. Hall has handed over all kinds of evidence to police and we’re wondering if he thinks he can just disappear now.

Also, we’ve taken screen captures of some of his social media posts in case he tries make it all private or deleting everything later. The internet has a memory that lasts forever.