Florida Prison Escapee Leads Police On Multi-County Chase

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Florida Prison Escapee Leads Police On Multi-County Chase
Florida Prison Escapee Leads Police On Multi-County Chase

You’d think if you had escaped from prison, you’d be keeping your nose clean so you wouldn’t get caught and sent back. But one Florida woman instead took police on a multi-county high-speed chase, we guess to guarantee she spends even more time behind bars.

Florida woman steals a C7 Corvette with $60,000 in cash inside.

It was in the early morning hours of June 5 when Sarasota County deputies tried pulling over a Lexus on I-75 for an unspecified reason. Instead of complying with the traffic stop, deputies say 22-year-old Aaliyah Christian Foster ran at high speeds. What they didn’t know at the time was that she had escaped from prison in 2023.


Later, a Florida Highway Patrol trooper in Lee County saw the Lexus and tried pulling it over, but Foster ran yet again. Additional troopers joined the chase, which reached 115 mph as Foster “made several aggressive lane changes” to keep a pursuing trooper at bay, reports Fox 13.

That’s when Foster threw something out the window. Troopers tried pitting the Lexus, but those attempts weren’t successful.

As the chase snaked into Collier County, troopers and deputies both deployed Stop Sticks, getting at least one successful stick. But Foster just drove on bare rims until she eventually crashed. Proving how obstinate she can be, she barricaded herself in the Lexus, which turned out to be stolen, so troopers had to break the window and drag her out.

Not only did FHP realize who Foster is and that she has a warrant for escaping prison, they found 12.6 grams of cocaine in the Lexus.

Ultimately, she got hit with a long list of charges, including fleeing with disregard of safety to people or property, grand theft, driving while license suspended (habitual offender), possession of cocaine, possession of cocaine with intent to sell, reckless driving with damage to people and/or property and an out-of-county warrant.

Image via Florida Highway Patrol/Fox 13

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