Florida Teen Dies After Crashing Mercedes Into Building

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Florida Teen Dies After Crashing Mercedes Into Building
Florida Teen Dies After Crashing Mercedes Into Building

A chaotic scene unfolded in Florida City on October 19 as a 17-year-old driving a Mercedes hit a building and died from his injuries. At the time the teenager was fleeing from police, with plenty of evidence markers present at the scene in the aftermath.

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While many details weren’t clear at the time local station WPLG originally reported this story, it was disclosed that the Mercedes wasn’t stolen but instead was a rental vehicle. We don’t know if it was rented through a traditional service or through a peer-sharing app like Turo.

What we do know is the 17-year-old couldn’t have legally rented a car, so someone did it for him. Police should be looking into that along with other details.


During a press conference, police said numerous rounds fell out of the Mercedes as the luxury car left the road. Those rounds weren’t fired but instead were flung from a magazine from the force of impact. The vehicle then crashed through a fence and hit the side of a building, leaving a large hole that’s clearly visible in aerial footage of the crash.

Originally, the teen was spotted doing some sort of traffic infraction by a member of the police force’s robbery prevention unit. Instead of just pulling over, the 17-year-old fled, perhaps because he had a stolen handgun with what police are calling a “high-capacity magazine.”

The suspect hit another vehicle during the pursuit, so he likely was panicking and driving quite recklessly. This is why we say even if you do have illegal items in your vehicle, running from police will only make things worse. In this case the result was the kid’s death.