Florida Tow Company Charges Woman Almost $3,000

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Florida Tow Company Charges Woman Almost $3,000
Florida Tow Company Charges Woman Almost $3,000

Flooding in South Florida has been a huge issue, with quite a few cars sitting underwater or stranded as drivers realized they could go no further. While there have been acts of heroism in the storm, at least one woman says she found that a towing company which should’ve been her savior instead turned predatory.

This is why you shouldn’t run red lights.

The 21-year-old drove her Hyundai Elantra as far as she could before she encountered floodwaters which were too high. Abandoning the vehicle, she called for a tow truck to rescue the beloved car, then received a bill for almost $3,000, reports WPLG.


We’ve seen car transport bills that are less than this, so it seems just a little steep. Fortunately, the young woman thought it was less than honest and so she haggled with them. We know few grown men who would dare do such a thing, sadly.

Ultimately, she talked the company down to $800. That still is a lot for a short tow trip, but in times of desperation we suppose certain tow truck services will absolutely take advantage, lining their pockets.

We’re not saying all tow truck companies behave this way. Some are ethical in their practices, even during an emergency like what’s been happening in South Florida, realizing that taking advantage of people who are in a bad situation is just wrong.

But we’ve also covered tow truck companies which are run by organized crime and perhaps aren’t quite so benevolent. Where this particular service lands on the spectrum, we don’t know. But we do know if it keeps behaving like what it did to the one young lady, sooner or later someone is going to respond in a way that might not spell a bright future for the company.

What goes around comes around.

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