Florida Woman Steals Ambulance

Florida Woman Steals Ambulance
Florida Woman Steals Ambulance

It happened again!

Lately we’ve noticed a trend of people stealing ambulances, which happened again recently in Florida. According to the Port St. Lucie Police Department, 25-year-old Marquisa Allen was a patient at HCA Florida St. Lucie Hospital when she stole the ambulance as the medics were dropping off a patient inside the hospital.

Florida man drives so fast he knocks off a tire.

Police say Allen was sitting on a bench outside the hospital while wearing a medical gown when she got the bright idea of swiping the ambulance. We’re not sure why someone who’s being treated for any medical condition would want to steal a vehicle, including an ambulance, but then again we’ve never considered stealing any car in any situation ever.


Whatever her motive, Allen drove the ambulance out of the hospital parking lot and started making her getaway on surface streets. What she failed to realize was the ambulance had a GPS tracker that was active, so when the medics emerged from the hospital to find their ride was missing, police were able to find it with ease.

When Florida Highway Patrol caught up with Allen, she and the stolen ambulance were sitting in gridlocked traffic on the Turnpike, a fate many Floridians have suffered countless times.

However, Allen didn’t go down without a fight. When she saw troopers arriving, she jumped out of the ambulance and tried running away. You can see in the photos she was wearing socks but no shoes and the road looks wet, so we don’t know how she could endure the sensation of wet socks because that’s almost as bad as wearing wet jeans.

We’re also guessing Allen didn’t want to be at the hospital anymore and she wasn’t there because of a broken leg. Thanks to HIPPA we don’t know the reason why she was in the hospital, obviously for something inpatient, but we do know she’s facing a string of charges with more to come.

Now can everyone stop stealing ambulances?