Flyin' Miata stops doing V8 conversions due to emissions regulations

Flyin’ Miata has been building monstrous V8-powered MX-5 conversions for years, but it appears the threat of more restrictive emissions regulations has brought that phase of the company’s business to a close.

In a blog post on the Flyin’ Miata FAQ, the company said that its time converting Miatas with LS V8s and selling turnkey cars is over. “With emissions regulations becoming increasingly stringent and government entities seemingly eager to slap big fines on businesses that sell ‘emissions defeat devices,’ we have made the difficult decision to lay our V8 program to rest,” the post reads.

The good news for FM fans is that the company will continue selling upgrades and customization parts for the Miata. The shop says it will now focus “on designing and selling emissions-compliant upgrade parts from our standard parts catalog to suit every year of Miata.” So, while Flyin’ Miata will no longer sell you a V8, there will be plenty of opportunities to get go-fast MX-5 parts from the shop.

If you were hoping for a V8-powered Miata, you can find the occasional example crossing internet auction blocks, but there are other options. Flyin’ Miata noted that hot rod and custom shops should easily be able to convert the car. There is also a company in California called Monster Miata that sells conversion kits and related components, but it’s unclear how active it has been in recent years.


As far as the fines, Flyin’ Miata has good reason to be worried. Earlier this year, a federal court fined a Michigan shop owner millions for selling and installing diesel emissions defeat devices. In October, a Missouri dealer was fined $15,000 for performing what the EPA said were 21 such device installations.

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