Footage of Tesla Cybertruck attempting off-road course against rivals sparks debate online: ‘Impressive performance’

A rocky slope in Sacramento’s Hollister Hills is becoming a proving ground for the latest electric trucks.

Tesla’s Cybertruck, a Ford F-150 Lightning, and a Rivian R1T were all filmed taking on the steep grade at the vehicle recreation area. Not surprisingly, boasts, cheers, and jeers from fans of each brand are in the video comment section of a post with clips from Dirty Tesla (@DirtyTesLa) on X, formerly known as Twitter (owned by Tesla CEO Elon Musk).

“Impressive performance!” X user Rose Premium Signals (@VipRoseTr) commented, with a hashtag for the Cybertruck.


The clips had more than 800,000 views on X, with commenters debating the success of the climbs. Viewers blamed a seemingly slow start on driver error.

Cybertruck’s climb of Hollister Hills was an apt buildup for the Nov. 30 release of the much-ballyhooed stainless steel truck, described by Musk in an earlier ABC report as “literally bulletproof.” Tesla delivered about a dozen trucks with the release, per ABC News.

The truck seats six, has 100 cubic feet of storage, and a 17-inch touchscreen. Per the Tesla website in early December, the estimated prices without incentives or gas savings ranged from $60,990 to $99,990, depending on the package.

According to the website, the range is between 250 and 320 miles, depending on the vehicle version. Previously, Tesla had targeted the high end of the range at 500 miles, and there are more than a million preorders, per ABC.

By 2025, Musk wants to make 250,000 Cybertrucks a year.

The unique vehicle doesn’t look like anything that has scaled the hills at Hollister to date. It resembles a diamond-esque moon lander, making it a spectacle on the California terrain. The stainless steel body is perhaps the most unique feature, reminiscent of a DeLorean.

It’s been a long ride for Cybertruck so far. During a demonstration in 2019, so-called “armored glass” shattered, per ABC. Responses to the delivery event were mixed, as Rolling Stone reported.

But, it is finally here, and with great fanfare. As more Cybertrucks enter the roadways, expect social media to fill with additional unique videos of them flexing their EV muscles.

And the clips will no doubt draw opinions of all kinds.

“My Subaru Outback could climb that quicker than either of those,” Brian Heins (@brianheins) commented on X about the Hollister Hills videos.

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