Ford Caspi Concept Envisions the Future of the Wagon


The station wagon used to be an American institution. In fact, for many Americans it was practically a member of the family. But over time, the designs grew weary, the innovation became lackluster, and the wagon gave way to the minivan, the SUV, and eventually, the crossover.

While that’s a shame, the storied wagon isn’t fully in the ground yet, and this stunning concept penned by Samir Sadikhov proves it still has a place in the world…long into the 21st century.

Meet Sadikhov’s Ford Caspi Concept. He describes the sleek two-door shooting brake as an “Advanced Sport Wagon” and it can be said that there’s nothing quite like it on the road today. At least, there hasn’t been in years.


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In his description, Sadikhov notes a key flaw of many designs–a lack of longevity. “Good design always avoids being fashionable, and therefore never appears antiquated.”

As such, his Ford Caspi Concept draws inspiration from timeless, clean-lined furniture, architecture, and automotive design with American and European tastes. Can you spot the Airstream cues? He also looked to powerful character figures in his search for inspiration: Carroll Shelby, Steve McQueen, and Howard Hughes.

That sense of power is immediately obvious from a glimpse of the Caspi’s angular maw, which boasts impactful “FORD” lettering, dead-center. Pumped-up wheel arches find their way to both front and rear of the car, while the wagon’s backend sports a sleek, curved hatch and squared center exhaust.

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Inside, the Ford Caspi features an elegant two-seat cabin, with trimmings you’d find on a space-age luxury yacht—or in an Apple Store. This is to say, very good. You could call it, “organic-meets-mechanical.” Wood covers the floor and what appears to be brushed aluminum adorns the seat backs and dashboard. The driver commands the Ford concept car using an aviation-inspired steering wheel and has access to a “floating” center console with a touchscreen inlayed.

While Sadikhov gives no mention to the powertrain he envisions underneath the hood, we wouldn’t mind imagining the 5.0-liter, 435 horsepower V8 from the 2015 Ford Mustang making an appearance.

Anyone want to see this wagon get green-lit for production? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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Photo Credit: Samir Sadikhov