Ford E-Transit Custom

01 Ford eTransit Custom L1H1 review 2024 lead track
01 Ford eTransit Custom L1H1 review 2024 lead track

If the large Ford E-Transit is the electric van for the environmentally conscious Amazon delivery drivers of this world, then the Ford E-Transit Custom is the small business equivalent.

The Ford Transit Custom is the medium-sized van in Blue Oval’s range, and this new all-electric version is more than just a box-ticking zero-emission offering. Before long, this will likely not only be Ford’s best-selling electric van but in the years to come its best-selling model, replacing the diesel-engined Transit Custom that has become a favourite working tool for everyone from plumbers and builders to huge multi-national Blue Chips.

The importance of the E-Transit Custom cannot be overemphasised. Getting this right is make-or-break stuff for Ford – a question of not only maintaining market dominance but blowing competitors out the water with a new era of engaging, versatile and connected electric vans.