Ford F-150 Police Chase Is A Double Hitter

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Ford F-150 Police Chase Is A Double Hitter
Ford F-150 Police Chase Is A Double Hitter

With car theft continuing to be a rampant problem in many cities, some law enforcement agencies have decided to take down offenders ruthlessly. One of the premier agencies taking this approach is Arkansas State Police. They’ve become famous for their high-speed PITs like in this chase involving a stolen Ford F-150 gives us two of them.

Watch a murder suspect in a Dodge Scat Pack run from police.

ASP jumps into the chase after Little Rock Police initially track down the stolen truck and start chasing it. As the pursuit enters the freeway, a motorcycle cop is right behind. We’re not sure exactly what an officer on a bike can do to stop a full-size pickup, but that doesn’t stop him and eventually another mounted officer from getting right up in the mix.


This suspect seems well-versed in GTA gameplay, realizing he not only doesn’t have to use his blinker, he doesn’t have to stick to lane lines or even pavement. Being that he’s in a truck and we’re assuming it’s a four-wheel-drive model, we can’t really blame him for using its capabilities to his advantage.

Not only does this guy cut through gore points, he rolls over bare medians, islands, and even hops from the frontage road to the freeway and back. It’s not an entirely bad strategy as it does get some heat off him, at least temporarily.

But the lead trooper we’re riding with keeps his cool, knows when the follow this suspect and when to stick to proper paved lanes, eventually closing that gap in a place where traffic is non-existent. That’s when he gives the Ford a nice PIT, which doesn’t entirely work, so he does it again. As they say, second time’s a charm, right?

This pursuit beats a lot of CGI-heavy movie chase scenes. Hollywood really needs to step up its game.

Image via Police Pursuits/YouTube

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