Ford Falcon Crash Turned Into Art

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Those Aussies sure are creative…

Like in a lot of countries, car theft has become all too common in Australia. Someone decided to have some fun when a thief crashed a Ford Falcon into a tree, leaving it for the overwhelmed authorities to collect. Sadly, this kind of scene is apparently daily life in certain parts of Down Under, like Detroit, Chicago, and other US cities.

See how an American muscle car terrorized an Australian neighborhood here.

To laugh at an otherwise serious situation, someone added a laminated sign to the tree where the Ford Falcon crashed. It reads: “Unknown Artist, Melbourne, Australia, 2023, Mixed Metals, This piece depicts the strength of the natural world versus the transitory nature of a BA falcon (sic) ripping fat skids. Such a moving piece. Edward Jones.”


This reminds us of the memorials left around dead animals in cities after authorities have been slow to collect the remains. Perhaps people in crime-ridden US cities should start having a little fun with all the crashed and parted-out vehicles scattered seemingly everywhere?

What’s more, this is a great way to poke fun at found art, a ridiculous movement which over time has led to displays like a banana taped to a wall. It’s just a step above painting on canvas using a mop, then collecting half a million dollars for the “art.”

With car theft soaring in many cities, authorities are slow to collect trashed vehicles which have been stolen, joyridden, and left for dead like this Ford. Residents are understandably tired of the situation. Obviously something has to change.

According to Australian car website Drive, the photos of this art installation were posted to a Facebook page dedicated to car spotting Down Under. It’s quite the departure from Lamborghinis, Mercedes-AMGs, and other more exotic vehicles typically focused on in such groups. Since it’s hilarious and makes a point about the current state of car crime in the area, we think the move was great.

Source: Drive

Images via Facebook

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