Ford Files Trademark for 'Mustang Dark Horse,' Could Indicate Name of Black Accent Package

Photo credit: Ford
Photo credit: Ford
  • Ford announced a black accent package for the 2023 Mustang on Twitter June 1 and opened up online submissions to name the package.

  • A trademark application for "Mustang Dark Horse" was filed in the United States on June 22, as well as in other countries.

  • While there has been no official announcement yet, the trademark could indicate that the winning submission for the black accent package has been selected.

The Mustang is getting a facelift in 2024, but until then, in seemingly a final farewell to the sixth generation, Ford has announced a black accent package for the 2023 model year that may possibly be called "Mustang Dark Horse."

The announcement was first made on Twitter June 1, when Ford solicited submissions for the yet-to-be-named package through an online form.

The form has since closed, with submissions being taken till 8 p.m. on June 7, but, as of yet, Ford has not announced the winner from over 25,000 submissions. However, on June 22, the company filed a trademark for "Mustang Dark Horse" in the United States and other countries. Could that be it? Plenty in the replies of the original Tweet suggested "Dark Horse" or a variation thereof, and it would be an apt name for the pony car's blackout edition.


Other popular suggestions in the replies included "Black Stallion," "Midnight," and "Ghost," but none of those have trademarks filed for them. Not much is known about the package details, but based on tweets from the Blue Oval, it will at least include black wheels and a black badge.

Whatever the package ends up being, it's clear that Ford has succeeded in building hype for it. And with the twilight of the sixth-generation Mustang just beyond the horizon, the likely Dark Horse package could be a handsome sendoff.

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