Ford Will Integrate Tesla's Charging Ports Into New EVs

2021 ford mustang mach e charging
Ford Will Integrate Tesla's Ports Into New EVsMack Hogan

Ford has announced that it will start to integrate Tesla's North American Charging Standard (NACS) port into its new EVs. The process will roll out over the next two years, starting with adapters for existing cars in 2024 before moving on to installing the ports directly onto some new cars in 2025.

Although Tesla has made the NACS port available to other automakers since November of 2022, Ford is the first company to integrate directly with the port standard. The move comes after Tesla's previous announcement that it would open 7500 of its superchargers up to other brands of EVs by the end of 2024, meaning that Ford's move to embrace NACS is not the only way to charge a non-Tesla at the Tesla-owned system.

Ford has not yet announced whether or not direct integration of the NACS port onto new cars would mean that those cars lose the existing Combined Charging System (CCS) port. Both a move to integrate two charging ports and one to eliminate CCS in favor of NACS would be unprecedented for a brand outside of Tesla.


The Supercharger network, a confusingly-named collection of Tesla-owned fast chargers, has become perhaps the brand's biggest strength over the past decade. By opening it up to manufacturers like Ford, Tesla risks losing some of the advantages for its own cars but opens up new ways to generate revenue off the many EVs on the road built by other brands. Between adapters coming to existing Ford drivers, the new ports on Fords developed in the future, and existing chargers set to integrate CCS chargers for other brands, the age of supercharger exclusivity is quickly coming to an end.

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