Ford Mustang revealed with an aggressive redesign

Say hello to the 2024 Ford Mustang. Dodge may have just put the pin in its V8-powered muscle cars, but Ford is far from done selling its fire-breathing coupe as the Mustang enters its seventh generation.

Rumors of hybrid powertrains flew for years leading up to this Mustang’s reveal, but in the end, Ford is sticking familiar engines under the hood of this new pony car. A revamped 2.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder is the Mustang’s base engine, and an updated 5.0-liter Coyote V8 remains the engine for the GT. In typical Ford fashion, power figures for both are not being made available at the car’s initial reveal, though a ford engineer let slip during its debut that it should produce 480 horsepower. Officially, however, Ford is saying only that the 5.0 will produce more power than the current car’s 460 horsepower and 420 pound-feet of torque. A six-speed manual transmission now with rev-matching tech will be available for the GT, but the EcoBoost will be automatic-only starting in 2024 — Ford tells us the manual take rate on the four-cylinder was simply too low to justify offering it once more. The 10-speed automatic transmission on the previous Mustang carries over with some changes to the oily bits and new tuning for enhanced performance.

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Video Transcript

ZAC PALMER: What's up, guys? It's Zac Palmer from "Autoblog" here in Heart Plaza in downtown Detroit. And right behind me we have the 2024 Ford Mustang, the seventh generation they just debuted. This one specifically we're looking at here it's a 5-liter V8, the GT model in the convertible body style. So how about we take a quick look around at all the changes that they've made for the seventh generation Mustang.


Immediately you can see, well, it's a lot more edgier than the previous Mustang. You've got a much larger grill. And the GT actually gets a distinctive look. So it has this separated grille with bars in the center. You also get different side air intakes. And the hood has some ventilation. This is indeed functional.

Moving along the side here, we got some nice big Brembo brakes hiding under there. You can get those in a number of colors, black, red, and grabber blue. You got your traditional 50 logo.

As we move to the back. This is where a lot of the big design changes come in for this new generation of Mustang. You can see here you have this very angular and chiseled look. This was not the way it was before. Obviously, it was almost sort of a waterfall look here. Was a lot cleaner.

But this is the way that we're going. We still have the tri-tail lights. Very signature look for the Mustang. GT badge right here prominently. It actually says performance in there too if you look closely. And because this is a GT, of course, you have some quad exhaust tips down here. The EcoBoost have dual exhaust. So now that we've taken a quick look around the GT, let's go look at the EcoBoost.


Right behind me now is the four-cylinder EcoBoost. This is the 2.3-liter turbocharged four cylinder. Up front you'll notice it has a very different design from the GT. That's intentional from Ford. The four cylinder and V8 have different front ends.

This grille is all one piece with no separation at all, and it's just not as aggressive up front with the venting and just general design. You notice there's no hood scoop as well. Alongside, obviously, there's no 50 badging anymore. And one thing that we obviously didn't see in the previous one because it was a convertible, this one's the coupe, the hardtop. So you can get to see that really great fastback styling of the Mustang.

And I'll also point out this new side styling, it's a lot different with more bulges than before. So you notice this very prominent bulge here meets up with this right here. There's just a lot of chiseled features that you'll notice when you look at this thing up close.

Around back, same taillights as before, but as I was mentioning, previously the EcoBoost, of course, has the dual exhaust. So no quad exhaust for this one at all. And that is a quick look around the 2024 Mustang.