Ford Offers More Perks To Mustang Buyers

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If you buy a 2024, you'll get more benefits.

In 2024, Ford is set to deliver an exhilarating array of experiences for new Mustang owners through a series of events designed to celebrate America’s iconic muscle car. This innovative approach is not merely a venture into customer engagement but a strategic initiative to foster brand loyalty and offer Mustang enthusiasts opportunities to explore their vehicles’ capabilities in monitored environments.

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The inaugural event in this series is the Track Attack at Charlotte Motor Speedway in North Carolina, where owners of the newly launched Mustang Dark Horse will get a chance to fully grasp the nuances of their car’s potential on the track, during autocross courses, and on the skidpad. While Ford is sponsoring the program, allowing owners to partake for free, participants will need to manage their transportation and accommodation expenses. Registration for this immersive experience will commence in January 2024.

This endeavor is reflective of Ford’s broader customer-centric strategy. The company has previously extended similar experiences to the buyers of its SUVs, including the 2021 and newer Bronco and Bronco Sport models, showcasing the off-road prowess of these vehicles in events like the Bronco Off-Roadeo in Moab, Utah. These events have proven to be effective mediums for demonstrating vehicle capabilities while simultaneously strengthening customer relationships.


The scope of these experiences is not exclusive to the high-powered, premium Dark Horse models. Ford is ensuring inclusivity by extending invitations to the owners of the more economical EcoBoost Mustangs as well. Preliminary plans indicate that several of these events will be hosted at Ford’s Performance Racing School in Charlotte, where owners of various Mustang models will acquire skills similar to those imparted in the Dark Horse-centric Track Attack program. A diverse array of courses will be available, including line-lock burnout classes, embracing the very essence of Mustang.

Beyond the adrenaline-infused track activities, Ford is conceptualizing a series of engaging events in multiple cities across the United States. The specifics of these events are yet to be disclosed, but the underlying objective is to provide a platform for Mustang aficionados to converge and share their passion. To facilitate continuous interaction amongst the Mustang community, Ford is also developing a digital portal—a dedicated forum to sustain the dialogue and connection between the Mustang enthusiasts.

Ford's innovative approach aims to not only cultivate a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Mustang among owners but also to build a cohesive community around the brand. By orchestrating events that allow owners to witness their vehicles’ capabilities and by fostering a sense of belonging through in-person and digital interactions, Ford is strategically positioning the Mustang as more than just a car—it’s a lifestyle, an experience, and a shared passion.

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