Ford Recalls Maverick Over Fire Risk Again Because the First Recall Didn't Work

2022 ford maverick pickup
Ford Recalls 125,000 Trucks, SUVs Over Fire RiskFord

Ford is recalling over 125,000 pickup trucks and crossovers that could catch fire, according to a campaign published by the the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on Tuesday.

The recall expands on a similar recall campaign issued in July 2022 which covered 100,000 Ford Escape, Ford Maverick, and Lincoln Corsair vehicles built between 2020 and 2023, equipped with the company's 2.5-liter hybrid powertrain.

In the event of an engine failure, the recall says engine oil and fuel vapor can enter the engine compartment and accumulate near hot ignition sources like the exhaust, which could start a fire.


Ford says it knows of three instances where vehicles caught fire after undergoing the 2022 recall, suggesting the company's original fix did not solve the problem. The new fix is currently under development, says Ford.

In the meantime, Ford is advising owners to "park and shut off the engine as quickly as possible if they hear unexpected engine noises, notice a reduction in vehicle power, or see smoke."

If you think your vehicle might be affected by this recall, head over to the NHTSA's website and enter your VIN. Ford is expected to mail notices to owners on June 12, with a follow-up notice when a solution is available.

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