Ford Releases 60th Anniversary Mustang Special Edition for 2025

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Ford Reveals Mustang 60th Anniversary EditionFord

Get ready, Cars and Coffee attendees, for the next big Ford Mustang window-placard brag: 1 of 1965. That's now many examples Ford will build of the Mustang with the 60th Anniversary package, a badge-and-stripes salute to the 1965 Mustang.

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The package will be available for order this summer and go into production late this year—price undisclosed, as yet—and is exclusive to GT Premium coupes and convertibles. The 60th Anniversary cars are painted red, white, or blue—get it?—and exterior trim hews to a gray, red, and silver palette. The most obvious visual callout is the 20-inch, dark gravity gray five-spoke wheels that feature a red, stamped aluminum center cap that references the center caps on the 1965 models.


Likewise, the badges on the fenders and trunk evoke the '65's "cloisonné" badges. (Cloisonné, as you're no doubt aware, is a technique wherein colored glass paste is used to create designs that are then fired in a kiln at about 1500 degrees. Scholars debate whether the technique dates to the Ming dynasty or the Yuan dynasty, but it was certainly in use by the early 15th century—which is surely old news to you, but bears repeating.) Side graphics can be either silver or red.

Is there a serialized instrument panel badge, you ask? Did Lee Iacocca build smash hits? Of course there is.

The 65th Anniversary also gets the smoked Nite Pony headlights and a mesh grille design that, Ford says, "is a callback to the 1964 original." Which makes this a good place to point out that this is also the 61st anniversary of people being confused over whether there was a 1964 Mustang. All we know is that Ford started building Mustangs in March of 1964, and the cars built through July of that year were way different than the 1965s, even offering two different engines, but Ford never officially said there was a 1964 model and everyone just started calling those early cars 1964.5s.

Which means that if you buy a 2024 Mustang now through midsummer, you're also getting an anniversary model, in a way. Feel free to explain on your windshield placard.

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