Ford's Bronco Off-Road School Is Now Open to the Public

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Ford Off-Road School Is Now Open to the PublicFord

For a few years now, Ford has offered a free off-roading school to new Bronco and Bronco Sport owners. Those owners can bring guests, and Ford found that 8.3 percent of those attendees between last June and this September subsequently bought a Ford product, the vast majority of Broncos. It's a hell of a sales tool, so Ford is opening the Bronco Off-Roadeo to the public.

Starting now, you can book a half-day Off-Roadeo experience for $795. Ford provides the Bronco and an instructor, and up to three guests can attend. Right now, the half-day program is available at Ford's schools in Moab, Las Vegas, and outside Austin. Eventually, the program will come to the Off-Roadeo school in Gilford, New Hampshire.

At four hours long, this program is more of an intro to Bronco life: The free Off-Roadeo for owners runs for 10 hours. While the free program is specific to the owner's vehicle, Bronco, Bronco Sport, or Bronco Raptor, the public program is limited to the standard Bronco SUV. This is no hardship, as the Bronco is one of the most capable off-roaders on sale today.


"While our Bronco owners have loved Off-Roadeo, we've been asked by non-owners how they could experience Bronco’s legendary off-road capabilities," said Matt Simpson, general manager for Ford Enthusiast Vehicles in a statement. "The new Half-Day Adventure is a great way for those to be fully immersed in the Bronco brand and create an unforgettable memory."

And it's probably a great way for Ford to sell more Broncos.

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