Forgotten D&D movie is making everyone lose their minds with "the worst deleted scene ever"

 Dungeons and Dragons 2000 movie
Dungeons and Dragons 2000 movie

Dungeon & Dragons’ big-budget action-comedy is now in theaters. This isn’t about that movie. Instead, we’re taking a trip back in time to the franchise’s 2000 release that has been mostly lost to time. Mostly.

A series of bonus features from the critical and commercial failure’s DVD release has been doing the rounds on social media. Thanks to Podcast: The Ride’s Scott Gairdner, we’ve now been reminded of what he calls “the worst deleted scene ever put on a DVD.”

In it, Justin Whalin’s Ridley Freeborn approaches a dragon egg. That’s about as normal as the deleted scene gets. Where do we begin? The egg cracking quite clearly sounds like someone crumpling up a beer can off-screen, the physical egg disappears only to be replaced by a literal physical blue screen, and some outright bizarre shot composition. The coup de grace? An unfinished CGI dragon that does a barrel roll for some reason. Check it out for yourself below.

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"I’ve seen plenty of deleted scenes that have unfinished VFX, but this is something else," one said. Another added, "Honestly, this made me laugh harder than anything in a long time, and as such, I'm sad to report that this is actually very good. Truly an unbeatable punchline."

"This is easily the best ad ever made for this movie," one wrote.

While this was clearly never meant for mortal eyes, it somehow made its way onto D&D’s DVD release as an odd curio. It doesn’t end there. There’s also an outtake with Jeremy Irons – yes, that Jeremy Irons – which points out D&D co-creator David Arneson.

2000’s Dungeons & Dragons grossed $33 million from a $45 million budget. It’s currently sitting at a 3.6 rating on IMDb and a 20% Audience Score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, starring Chris Pine, Michelle Rodriguez, and Regé-Jean Page, is currently in cinemas. For more on what’s coming out this year, check out our guide to movie release dates.