Forgotten Forest Of Classic Cars

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There’s over 50 cars scattered on this old lot.

There’s over 50 cars scattered on this old lot.

Deep within the American forests there are a few collections that show off some of history’s most iconic vehicles. Usually found in varying states of disarray, these classic cars were once the epitome of style. Recently a pretty large gathering of older vehicles have been spotted rotting with one adventurer seeking their stories. So what are these cars?

How do you define trash or treasure? We talk about it here.

With likely more than 50 cars on this lot, it would be crazy to list every single one individually however there are a few that really do catch the eye. Some of these include a classic Mercedes and a BMW 2000 CS. Originally, the host thought there were around 20 cars on the entire property. However, after turning the corner and finding a stack, of sorts, of vehicles from the 1930s and even earlier, he realizes there are far more.

Most of these vehicles have been sitting for multiple decades, in fact that probably applies to all of them. As such, it’s kind of impossible to identify a few and the host tries his best to compensate by showing every detail. Most of them look sort of British in design but even still there are a few that look pretty similar to something like a Model T or Model A. Whatever these vehicles are, they’ve been sitting for a while but it’s pretty cool to see automotive history and how it played out for so many classic automobiles.

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