Former Marvel And DC Comics Editor-In-Chief Bob Harras Joins Martial Arts Fantasy Outfit Immortal Studios

EXCLUSIVE: Bob Harras, the former editor-in-chief of both Marvel and DC Comics, has joined Immortal Studios as editor-at-large of its senior management team.

Harras comes aboard after the fan-driven launch of the company’s four comic book titles — Adept, Assassin G, Chronicles of the Immortal Swordsmen and Fa Sheng — that serve as the foundation of its storyverse.

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Immortal Studios is a transmedia, direct-to-consumer entertainment company with a focus on the ancient Chinese martial arts-fantasy genre also known as Wuxia.

At Marvel, Harras spearheaded titles such as the X-Men, Avengers, Spider-Man, Hulk and Deadpool in addition to the rest of the Marvel line. He was story consultant for the animated Fox TV series X-Men. His writing credits include the Avengers, Namor and the limited series Nick Fury vs. S.H.I.E.L.D.

At DC he oversaw editorial for comics including Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. He also headed up MAD magazine, Black Label and Vertigo publications as well as spearheading DC’s first YA and middle-grade line of publications. He is the only person to have been editor at both the Marvel and DC labels.

“As we embark on our mission to awaken heroes everywhere through the Immortal storyverse, and Wuxia is again awakening as fan/youth favorited stories, Bob Harras’ unparalleled experience shepherding story worlds for both Marvel and DC, the two most successful companies to have created cinematic universes, is helping us succeed in creating our own lane,” said Peter “Payhuan” Shiao, Immortal Studios founder and CEO and creator of the Immortal storyverse.

“Now that we have established the core pillars of our storyverse, which has brought together all the diverse influences that have existed in the big tent of Wuxia, it’s time to take these stories to the world and Bob is the perfect leader to bring legs to our current stories and to increase new ones on this foundation across all media using our dynamic tech enabled approach to build and scale communities.”

Said Harras: “I’m excited to join Immortal Studios with its bold plan to deeply engage with fans across the globe to thrill to the adventures of martial heroes confronting the challenges of modern day. I’m really looking forward to working with the incredibly talented team of artists and writers at Immortal as we tell the stories of our characters who help us discover the hero within us all.”

Added Hank Kanalz, Head of Publishing, Immortal Studios: “I couldn’t be more thrilled to be working with Bob again. He brings a wealth of experience to Immortal, and I’m looking forward to building this new universe with him and the amazing creative teams we’ve assembled. Watch out – we’re just getting started.”

Since its launch in 2021, Immortal Studios has acquired exclusive media rights to the 60-plus-title library of Wuxia creator Shiao Yi with 30 Asian film and TV adaptations as the foundation for its storyverse. The company has hosted fan events including at San Diego Comic-Con.

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