Your New Forza Cover Cars Are the Corvette E-Ray and Cadillac Le Mans Prototype

forza motorsport 2023 cover
Corvette E-Ray, Cadillac Racer Make Forza CoverForza Motorsport

The new Forza Motorsport title may not have a release date yet, but we now know which cars will grace its cover. The newest installment, which is just called Forza Motorsport, will feature the Corvette E-Ray and Cadillac's new V-Series.R LMDh prototype as hero cars.

The two cars are marketed under different General Motors badges, but they both represent the company's new focus on electrified performance. That creates an interesting problem for a racing simulation, though: The E-Ray sends electric power to the front wheels for stellar acceleration off the line, while the Cadillac prototype sends its electric power directly to the rear wheels. That difference means that the cars are not only a distinct driving experience from traditional gas-powered cars, but distinct among themselves as hybrids.

While we do not yet know how the latest Forza Motorsport will handle that dynamic, we do know that it will feature "over 500 cars" when it launches later this year. Further details are expected during the Xbox Games Showcase on June 11th, the event replacing what had traditionally been the brand's E3 press conference. The company also says that a full breakdown of the game's career mode, including gameplay, will be shown during a separate Forza Monthly event on June 13th. While we are still waiting on a final release date, the game is expected to release in 2023 and history suggests a final date would be revealed during the June 11th presentation.

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