Four college students likely drugged after rideshare driver offers drink, AL cops say

Paul Erickson

Four college students were likely drugged after a rideshare driver offered them a drink on the campus of Auburn University — and now school officials are issuing a warning as an investigation is underway.

In a statement released March 22, the Auburn University Department of Campus Safety and Security said four female students had used a local rideshare bus to get from campus to an off-campus event on March 17.

Once in the bus, the driver of the bus gave the four students mixed drinks while still in a university parking lot, officials said.

One of the students told campus security that she and the three others drank the mixed drinks and then got sick, saying they experienced vomiting, numbness, confusion and memory loss.


The student also told campus security that she only had two to three drinks, including the mixed drink before becoming sick.

Safety officials did not identify a suspect, only saying they were the driver of the bus, and did not release the name of the rideshare service.

Giving someone a drug without their permission is aggravated assault and a felony, officials noted.

“This type of crime can occur anywhere. Watch your drink be opened or open it yourself, always keep it with yo9u, and avoid common, open containers,” the university said. “Stay alert to your surroundings and look out for each other.”

Auburn police are investigating, according to the university.

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