Freed Britney Spears Keeps Violating Traffic Laws

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Freed Britney Spears Keeps Violating Traffic Laws
Freed Britney Spears Keeps Violating Traffic Laws

Pop diva and Instagram enthusiast Britney Spears just can’t seem to follow the rules of the road. Since the end of her conservatorship, which didn’t allow her to drive, she’s been pulled over twice. The latest incident involved a California Highway Patrol officer citing her for crossing a solid double yellow line, a most risky maneuver on any road.

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The details of Britney’s latest road transgression was revealed by our favorite news outlet, TMZ, which said the singer and knife dancing enthusiast got a citation with a $327 fine. Considering Spears probably has more money than sense and also has little financial sense, we wonder if that will have any affect on her behavior behind the wheel.

Keep in mind one of the events that led to her living under a conservatorship was that she drove around with one of her young children on her lap. In other words, this chick doesn’t exactly exercise the best judgement when behind the wheel or selecting clothing which doesn’t look like she just stumbled out of the trailer park to get a pack of smokes.


Knowing this, it shouldn’t shock anyone that free bird Britney was pulled over just last month while driving in Ventura County. The original reason for the traffic stop was excessive speed, but she was hit for not having her driver’s license on her or proof of insurance. That cost her $1,140 or in other words her monthly expenditures in interpretive knife dancing lessons, which is of course money well spent.

It’s really a great thing the Free Britney movement was successful in getting this woman back on public roads where she’s potentially committed other moving violations not observed by officers. Hopefully she doesn’t cause any accidents with injuries or fatalities because that would be truly awful.

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