French Driver Rams Farmer Roadblock

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French Driver Rams Farmer Roadblock
French Driver Rams Farmer Roadblock

It shouldn’t be surprising that the French are holding a protest at any given moment, since as Jeremy Clarkson aptly pointed out protesting is the national pastime. But it’s not every day you see a French citizen ramming a roadblock protest with their little car, killing a protestor in the process.

Subaru tries speeding and passing on a snowy road, hitting a snowplow.

Yet that’s exactly what happened recently after protesting farmers shut down a road in the southwestern part of the country. The vehicle drove through a wall made of straw bales, hit three people on the other side, and finally came to a rest after hitting a trailer hitched up to a tractor.


A woman was killed, while her husband and teenage daughter were seriously hurt. As for the driver, he was arrested on suspicion on involuntary manslaughter, says AFP. However, a local prosecutor told the media he believes the couple and their friend who were riding in the car were simply confused and that the whole thing was an unfortunate accident.

The fact that all three in the car are Armenian nationals isn’t helping with tensions in the aftermath. Reportedly, the driver tested negative for alcohol and drugs after the crash.

Farmers have been staging protest around France after the powerful FNSEA farmers union directed them to do so. They’re demanding higher wages and other concessions from the government.

Some have taken the protests a step further, spraying government buildings with manure. That’s not an unprecedented move. They’ve also placed obstacles on railways and at some businesses they perceive as not friendly to their cause, triggering disruptions in different parts of the country.

This comes after similar protests in the Netherlands, Germany, and other countries as farmers fight back against government policies they say threaten their very livelihood.

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