Garbage Truck Takes Out Australian Muscle Car

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This is horrible to watch!

There’s plenty of controversy swirling around a dashcam video recorded in Australia of a garbage truck taking out a Holden muscle car. As the truck passes the Holden on a narrow street, it hits the side mirror and crashes into the front fender, making tens of thousands of enthusiasts cringe. This is the kind of thing we have nightmares about.

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Just the sound alone of a garbage truck smacking into the 2002 Holden Monaro CV8 is enough to make us want to cry. The incident took place in a portion of Melbourne where the streets admittedly are incredibly narrow. With cars parked on both sides, even regular vehicles have to go over the center line into the opposing lane of traffic to get through.


If you’ve ever driven a commercial truck for a job, you know how difficult it can be to thread the needle in a situation like this. That’s not to say the driver has zero culpability. Whoever is behind the wheel needs to be cautious when passing within inches of cars, buildings, or whatever.

Some people are saying the streets in this section of the city are so narrow because the neighborhood is over 70 years old. We don’t know Melbourne well enough to confirm that, but we do know in some older areas of cities in the US there are similar problems. One solution is to allow parking only on one side of the street.

We’re not blaming the Monaro owner, but we also wouldn’t park our precious muscle car on such a narrow street because we know people are idiots and can’t drive. Yeah, we’re also really guarded about cool cars, but can you blame us?

Check out the video for yourself, but you’ve been warned, it’s pretty graphic.

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