Gary Busey Alleged Hit A Woman’s Car And Ran

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Gary Busey Alleged Hit A Woman’s Car And Ran
Gary Busey Alleged Hit A Woman’s Car And Ran

Why does he drive such a janky old Volvo?

While actor Gary Busey is one weird guy, we were still shocked to see this video of him driving some janky old Volvo C30. The footage was captured by a woman who was driving in Malibu, California when she claims Busey rear-ended her car, then drove off. There’s just so much to unpack here.

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The video was shared with the world by TMZ and it’s bizarre. At the beginning, the woman is taking video of what certainly appears to be Gary Busey driving down the road as she tries getting him to pull over. Busey appears to be giving his famous crooked smile while wearing sunglasses and an NFL hat.


Then it cuts to the woman confronting Busey in a parking lot as the actor refuses to provide his insurance info, stating “I’m private.” He’s oddly casual about the whole thing, but that’s not the most disturbing part.

What we can’t figure out is how someone who’s had such an illustrious acting career can be driving such a beat-up old Volvo hatchback. This is the kind of car most people get for their kid to learn on, realizing it’s going to get beat on but will probably keep them safe in an accident.

Aside from what appears to be fresh front-end damage from the alleged collision in question, this Volvo C30 is no beauty. The most glaring thing about it is the missing driver’s side mirror cap. Is Busey so hard up for cash these days he can’t afford to have that replaced?

While the video quality isn’t stellar, the overall condition of the Volvo isn’t great. Sure, we’ve seen worse but we’d expect someone who has significant financial resources to at least have a coat of wax applied to their car once a year.

Maybe Busey is feeling the pinch with the actors’ strike and such? Maybe he sold his nice ride to help out others? We don’t know but this whole scenario is just bizarre. Why would he just drive away after allegedly hitting someone? Who the hell wears an NFL hat and not one for a specific team? Will Busey face any consequences?