Gas Station Foils Dodge Charger Hellcat Escape

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Gas Station Foils Dodge Charger Hellcat Escape
Gas Station Foils Dodge Charger Hellcat Escape

There’s no doubt Dodge Hellcats are incredibly fast. We’ve even shown how they can outrun not only entire police forces on the ground, but also can outpace a police helicopter. But a man in Tennessee who used a Dodge Charger Hellcat to get away from police was taken down by the muscle car’s greatest nemesis: a gas station.

Newlyweds in a Mustang lead police on quite the chase.

The man behind the wheel, 34-year-old Marquinn Burke, allegedly fled an attempted traffic stop the day before, says Metropolitan Nashville Police Department. Officers caught up with him the next day, at least for a little bit, before they say he took off again, reaching speeds over 150 mph.


To be fair, there are quite a few modern performance vehicles which can hit 150 mph on a good stretch of road. But a report from WCYB doesn’t indicate that police were able to accurately measure the Hellcat’s top speed during the lopsided chase, probably because Burke was pushing it too fast.

But those Hellcat engines with a supercharger that makes your Honda’s engine displacement look foolish also guzzle fuel like crazy at WOT (ask us how we know). With the tank running almost dry, Burke was forced to stop at a gas station.

That’s when police descended, blocked in the Mopar muscle car, but Burke apparently didn’t go down without a fight. Thankfully, he didn’t use the reportedly loaded, full-auto gun he had on him.

After arresting Burke, police searched the Hellcat, which reportedly reeked of weed. They also found a mysterious white powdery substance in a bag, which Burke reportedly admitted was cocaine.

Also found in the Dodge Charger Hellcat was 95 grams of fentanyl, an AK-47, a revolver, and “several other narcotics.” Since Burke is a convicted felon, he wasn’t supposed to be in possession of any guns. But he apparently told police he had to be armed to properly run his drug dealing business.

We hope the new owner of the Hellcat is able to get the weed smell out of the interior.

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