'General Lee' Chargers Discovered in a Georgia Junkyard

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It's a little sad.

In a somber revelation for fans of the classic television show 'The Dukes of Hazzard,' an Instagram post has unveiled a Georgia junkyard serving as the final resting place for several 'General Lee' Dodge Chargers. The iconic bright orange 1969 Chargers, central to the 1979 series' fame, were renowned for their thrilling stunts and high-flying jumps.

The show's production notoriously saw the destruction of around 300 Chargers, while a select 18 were spared from the stunts to maintain their onscreen presence. Among the diverse array of General Lees used, some were not even Chargers but possibly AMC Ambassadors, cleverly disguised to match the show's star car.

The recent Instagram discovery paints a picture of neglect, with several dilapidated General Lees languishing in varying states of decay. This graveyard of muscle cars is believed to be linked to the 'Northeast Ohio Dukes' and stuntman Raymond Kohn, renowned for their Dukes of Hazzard-inspired stunt reenactments. The ambiguity remains, however, regarding whether these cars ever graced the television series or were replicas created post-show.


According to the account of rottingclassics, among these forgotten relics is a genuine R/T model, a high-performance variant of the Charger. The severe deterioration of these cars, many featuring roll cages, welded doors, and stripped interiors, indicates they were destined for rough handling, likely in stunt performances akin to the show's exhilarating chases and jumps.

For fans and classic car enthusiasts, this discovery is a poignant reminder of the fate that befell many of these cherished vehicles. While the 'General Lee' Chargers continue to symbolize a significant era in television and automotive history, their current state in a Georgia junkyard marks a melancholic chapter in their legacy.

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