Genesis GV80 Coupe Concept is coming to reality

New York Auto Show week is kicking off with a concept from Genesis that is going to find its way onto showroom floors in the near future, Genesis President and CEO Jose Munoz confirmed in New York. It's the Genesis GV80 Coupe, and it's the classic coupe-ification of an SUV we've seen time and time again from BMW, Mercedes, Porsche and more. And we have to say, it's quite handsome, particularly in its vivid orange paint. Read more at Autoblog: Research the Genesis GV80 here: #genesis #gv80 #coupe #gv80coupeconcept #cars #nyias

Video Transcript

JOEL STOCKSDALE: This is the Genesis GV80 coupe concept. It was revealed just a couple of days ago here in New York City. And it is a concept, but Genesis has confirmed that they are going to produce a production version of it. And that's not super surprising because it is a coupe-ified version of the GV80 SUV on sale right now.

It does show some interesting details that hint at Genesis trying to do something a little bit more performance oriented. This front fascia has more aggressive intakes down here low. It's got blacked-out mesh. And it's got these extra little intake inlets right under the main grille. And of course, it's a incredibly vivid orange, which is always sporty, right?


The headlights are a little bit more slim than the current one. We'll see if that comes through in production. And then along the side, most of it is about the same as the regular GV80 until you come to the roof where it's got much more of a fastback shape, comes down dramatically. It's got really fat fenders back here. And you've got a spoiler up here and a little ducktail that starts here and continues into the little carbon fiber lip.

It also has taillights that hark back to the Genesis X concept cars that have been shown. In addition to the exterior changes, the interior features four racing bucket seats with very slick orange stitching in kind of a plaid shape. And there's also an extra chassis brace right behind the rear seats. This, of course, is going to come to production. They haven't given any details on engine, specs, things like that.

We're guessing it will get at least the twin turbo 3.5 liter V6 currently available in the GV80, and maybe even something a little bit hotter since this is kind of being targeted as a performance vehicle. So stay tuned in the future for more about the GV80 coupe.