Genesis GV80 fastback and possibly GV90 leaked in design video

There have been long-circulating rumors that Genesis is developing a large, fastback luxury SUV based on the GV80. Slightly sportier and presumably more expensive, it would be Genesis' answer to vehicles like the BMW X6, Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupé, and Audi Q8. However, we haven't seen any teasers to suggest that these rumors are true. Well, until an otherwise unremarkable design video released last week revealed, perhaps accidentally, its existence.

The video focuses on the Genesis design team, especially the background of Chief Creative Officer Luc Donckerwolke. Design Operations Director Hans Lapine and Senior Exterior Designer Samir Sadikhov also make appearances, but it's a shelf behind Sadikhov that is of most interest. As Motor1 noticed, the display appears to reveal the fastback GV80 (we stubbornly refuse to call it a coupé unless it's part of the name) in the rightmost column of the third row from the top.

The design model looks similar to the GV80, which sits behind it on the same row, but is noticeably different from the A-pillars back. The rear profile drops down far earlier in the roofline, creating that cargo area-slicing angle luxury SUV customer apparently love so much. There also seems to be a small spoiler on both the trailing edge of the roof and beneath the rear glass.


While that looks like the most production-ready offering, another never-before seen SUV appears in the bottom left corner of the shelf. Larger and boxier than the existing models, it could be the range-topping GV90. Genesis has already trademarked the name with both standard and electric variants, and rumors say it could be a Genesis-badged variant of the Hyundai Ioniq 7.

One car whose reveal certainly wasn't accidental is a stunning shooting brake version of the equally breathtaking Genesis Concept X. Though it only appears as a design model, we desperately hope Genesis does build it — even if it's just a one-off concept or a model that never makes it to U.S. shores. Such beauty deserves to exist in the world.

Throughout the video you'll see diecast versions of non-Genesis cars, from Bentleys to Lamborghinis. This is because Luc Donckerwolke led design at those brands before moving to Genesis.

If the GV80 fastback and GV90 leaks weren't accidental, they were at least clever. Sadly, the video doesn't do much to describe the actual decisions behind Genesis design. Donckerwolke has spoken to us in depth about the topic if you want to know more. What we want to see most is that Concept X shooting brake, though.

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