Genesis X Convertible Concept Stuns in Los Angeles Debut

genesis x convertible concept
Genesis X Convertible Concept Stuns in L.A. DebutMichael Aaron - Car and Driver
  • Genesis has revealed the X Convertible concept ahead of the Los Angeles auto show.

  • The concept builds on the previous X show cars with a folding hardtop convertible setup.

  • The X Convertible will sadly likely never become a reality.

The 2021 Genesis X concept showed off the Korean luxury brand's assertive and crisp design language, while the X Speedium Coupe concept from this summer built on that look with a longer, gracefully sloping roofline and a new lighting signature to indicate the car's electric powertrain. Today, Genesis continued the series by unveiling the X Convertible concept at an event ahead of the Los Angeles auto show.

genesis x convertible concept
Michael Aaron - Car and Driver

Unsurprisingly, the X Convertible is a strikingly beautiful design, thanks to strong proportions and clean but defined lines. The concept has a long wheelbase with a short front overhang, with miles of hood stretching out in front of the windshield. Powerful creases over the incredibly intricate and large wheels provide a dynamic stance. The distinctive headlights that form the triangular "grille" shape are carried over from the X Speedium, while the convertible ends in a ducktail spoiler. The X Convertible's folding-hardtop roof includes integrated transparent moonroofs.

genesis x convertible concept

The interior retains the same design as the previous two concepts, with the digital dash and infotainment screen sharing an L-shaped piece of glass angled toward the driver. The wool fabric throughout the cabin is recyclable, and the seats are wrapped in leather. The interior color combo, Giwa Navy and Dancheong Orange, is "inspired in part by traditional Korean roof architecture"—Genesis informs us that Giwa are the roof tiles on Korean houses and Dancheong is the "traditional decorative colorings on traditional Korean wooden buildings." You learn something new every day.


Genesis revealed no technical details about the X Convertible, simply stating that it uses the same electric powertrain and architecture as the previous two X concepts. The X Convertible has two doors but can seat four passengers, although we'd imagine the rear seats are a bit cramped like most sports cars. Like the other two X concepts, the X Convertible will probably never reach production, but we're hoping the eye-catching design is a harbinger of good things to come for the future of the Genesis brand.

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