Georgia Man Uses Mercedes G-Wagon In Rampage

Georgia Man Uses Mercedes G-Wagon In Rampage
Georgia Man Uses Mercedes G-Wagon In Rampage

The guy hit 30 vehicles during his crime spree.

A Georgia man spread havoc through an upscale community in Gwinnett County after he used his parents’ Mercedes G-Wagon to damage 30 cars. People watched in disbelief, some pulling out their phones and recording, as 37-year-old Patrick Humes used the luxury SUV as a battering ram, plowing into just about every visible vehicle in the neighborhood, even pushing some through garage doors.

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The shocking scene unfolded on the afternoon of August 21 in the Berkley Hills Estates. Gwinnett County Police say someone called to report a suspect “driving through peoples’ yards and doing donuts.” As you can see in the included video from Fox 5 Atlanta, people recorded the Mercedes G 500 hitting cars parked in driveways, doing serious damage to them.


What most don’t realize is the Mercedes G-Wagon was originally created for the German military, much like the fabled Humvee. When it was brought to this market, the SUV was given all kinds of luxurious touches. But under the surface, they’re excellent off-roaders and quite durable, which is why this guy could ram 30 cars, damaging some of them severely, and just drive off.

Police assessed the damage, finding 28 different residences were targeted. Not only were 30 cars damaged, so were garage doors and other property. We can’t imagine what the total bill will be.

Eventually, officers located the Mercedes G-Wagon at a tire shop four miles from the scene of the crime. We don’t know if Humes was trying to get damage to the SUV repaired or something else. He was found at a McDonald’s next door and was arrested.

Some people reported they heard gunfire during the chaos, but police didn’t find a firearm on Humes or in the Mercedes. A motive also doesn’t seem to be apparent, although police floated out the possibility of a mental health crisis. We can’t think of many other reasons to do such a thing.

Images via Fox 5 Atlanta, Gwinnett County Police