Georgia State Patrol Takes Down Tennessee Police Car

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Georgia State Patrol Takes Down Tennessee Police Car
Georgia State Patrol Takes Down Tennessee Police Car

They say you can outrun the police, but you can’t outrun the radio. And while we’ve seen cases where suspects have amazingly done both, the radio is still a useful tool for catching suspects. That certainly was instrumental in Georgia State Patrol taking down a Chattanooga, Tennessee police car as it came across the state line.

This is how to PIT a Nissan Armada.

Apparently, a suspect was able to take the police car, leading authorities in Tennessee on a high-speed chase in the black and white. We’ve seen suspects steal cop cars before, as well as ambulances and fire trucks, making us question if there isn’t a practical way to keep unauthorized people from stealing first responders’ rides.


In the footage, the GSP trooper we’re riding along with receives the call for assistance from police in Tennessee and he sets up to intercept the suspect. When the Chattanooga cruiser goes flying by, the trooper guns it and the chase is on.

You can see the suspect figures out how to turn on the emergency lights, so some people at first get out of the way, but that helps the trooper as well. But as the chase progresses the left lane campers make things a little more difficult.

The police SUV can’t outrun the GSP cruiser, either and it’s obvious the trooper is far better at driving. It doesn’t take the trooper too long to catch up, find a spot without excessive traffic, and perform a PIT on the black and white cop car.

But the suspect doesn’t give up without a fight, continuing on after getting spun out. You’ll notice in the dashcam video the front passenger tire is wobbling, so the suspect can’t really gun it anymore. The trooper PITs him again and the Chattanooga cruiser goes off the road, the suspect fleeing on foot.

So there you go, the perfect example of how the radio is mightier than speed.

Image via State Boyzzz/YouTube

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