Georgia Trooper Chases Down A Stolen Honda Civic

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Georgia Trooper Chases Down A Stolen Honda Civic
Georgia Trooper Chases Down A Stolen Honda Civic

One thing we would never do is mess with Georgia State Patrol. If you have a trooper pull up behind you with lights and sirens going, it’s best to put on that blinker and take the first safe place off the road. Trying to run from them is always a bad idea, as this driver in a stolen Honda Civic finds out in the included dashcam video.

Motorcyclist rammed off the highway in a road rage incident.

Before the trooper attempts a traffic stop, plate recognition cameras alert authorities that the Honda, which as been reported stolen, just crossed the state line from South Carolina. Perhaps the driver realized why he’s being pulled over, because after stopping for a second, he decides to try speeding off.


The only problem is this isn’t the Fast and Furious franchise, so the little Civic doesn’t exactly blow the doors off the trooper’s cruiser.

Probably realizing he’s outgunned, the suspect decides to try weaving through traffic and cutting across a green space to lose the trooper. It totally doesn’t work, but he gets an A for effort.

We’re thinking this guy knows a thing or two about police PITs because as the trooper goes in for one, he gets his back end nice and loose, foiling the attempt. But he can’t avoid the second PIT maneuver, which spins the stolen car 180 degrees.

But the suspect isn’t done fighting. He spins the Honda around and keeps going. But like a junkyard dog, the trooper is on him again immediately, this time pinning the Civic to the front of his cruiser, continuing to apply throttle to keep the suspect from driving off again.

The frustrated driver gestures at the trooper like he’s some unreasonable jerk in rush hour traffic not letting him merge. But when the trooper draws his sidearm, the guy quickly realizes he’s done.

Don’t run in a Honda Civic, you’re not Vin Diesel.

Image via State Boyzzz/YouTube