Georgia Trooper Does Brutal PIT On Fleeing Suspect

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Georgia Trooper Does Brutal PIT On Fleeing Suspect
Georgia Trooper Does Brutal PIT On Fleeing Suspect

We’ve learned a few things from watching countless hours of police chase videos. First, never run from Arkansas or Georgia troopers because they will PIT you into submission. Two, if you do run from them, absolutely wear your seatbelt. This suspect unfortunately didn’t follow either rule and paid the ultimate price.

Watch an Arkansas trooper PIT a Domino’s delivery car and wreck out himself.

Prior to the Georgia trooper jumping into the chase, a Chatham County officer tried pulling over the same Nissan Murano. Instead of pulling over, the suspect fled, eventually driving down a private driveway, through a back yard, and then onto another road. That’s when the call for assistance went out.


It just so happens the GSP unit that was closest was being driven by a cadet getting trained, so we get to hear the trooper coaching him through the pursuit. For a rookie he does pretty well, chasing down the Nissan Murano that was going the opposite direction with relative ease.

However, nothing prepared us for the part in the video when the cadet PITs the Murano. It had a plastic sheet taped up over where the rear window was, which could be a sign of a vehicle that’s been stolen or just someone who didn’t have the cash to replace it. But that was the only “off” thing other than the driver fleeing.